Our Team-Music, Public Speaking, Drama & Art Lessons Pretoria

About Us & Our Team

The original Nu-Song was established in 1996 by Hester de Villiers. Over the years Nu-Song has grown tremendously.
Coaches, Students, new instruments and much more were added. In 2017 Nu-Song oficially became @NuSong (Pty) Ltd. 
It has always been the vision of @NuSong to see students grow and succeed. We endeavour to make lessons fun and we cater to the individual needs of students. We have many adult students who are beginners and it is great to see them start doing something for themselves.  We also make lessons fun for younger students.

Our Team Of Coaches

Our Coaches are qualified, dedicated and fiercely determinated to see their students, young and old, succeed.


NuSong Music, Drama & Art  2015                                                                                   
Designed by: Hessiewe
Making Piano, Guitar, Drum, Saxophone, Violin, Public Speaking, Singing Drama & Art Lessons in Pretoria Fun!